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ArmSure - Troubleshooting

Common Mistake


The daggerboard is not pushed fully underneath the mattress, causing product instability.

To ensure correct patient positioning and product security throughout the procedure, push the Arm Support daggerboard firmly to the edge of the mattress.

The Arm Support is not inserted underneath the table at an appropriate position, causing difficulty when positioning the patient.

Ensure the Arm Support is placed underneath the mattress, so the patients’ hand does not hang below the Arm Support surface and is fully supported.

The straps are not installed at the correct orientation and the strap cannot be locked in place.

Ensure the straps are installed at the correct orientation so that the stoppers can secure the strap in place. If the strap is flipped, the stopper cannot connect with the bracket.

A strap is not placed behind the patient’s elbow, causing the patient to pull their arm out towards the back of the Arm Support.

The Arm Support has multiple strap positioning options. Place one strap around the patient’s elbow and another around the forearm to provide complete arm security throughout the duration of the procedure.

Not enough straps are used for thin, fragile or restless patients, meaning patients are able to get out from the Arm Support.

Ensure an acceptable number of straps are used during the procedure to ensure patients are secure. The ArmSure is packaged with 10 straps, and extras are available to purchase separately.

The IR Shield is not placed centred within the slot of the ArmSure Support, causing weight imbalance and the product to fall out.

Do not slide the IR shield too far either side of the arm support. This will cause a weight imbalance and the shield will fall off.

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