High performance engineering plastics and carbon-fibre composite have been selected for our product range, giving superior rigidity, strength and durability, which ensures that the products have a long life. As a result, the products have low radiolucency, are light-weight yet strong, and have excellent resistance to chemical attack associated with commonly used cleaning products.

  • Wipe down the product with approved cleaners at the end of every use and before re-boxing. 

  • Make sure that all traces of blood, bodily fluid and other contaminants are removed after use. 

  • Do not use any cleaning methods that exceed a temperature of 65°c, including auto-claving. 


  • Some disinfectants may cause slight discolouration to the soft blue material used on some components within the product range. This will not affect the strength and the product will remain fit for purpose.

It is important to clean the product once it is removed from the packaging and after each procedure. Ensure all areas including joints, clips, sockets, brackets and levers are thoroughly cleaned after use to remove all contaminant build-up that may be present following a procedure.

If required, the product can be rinsed under water to help remove contaminant build-up.

  • We recommend rinsing the product under water, avoiding complete submersion.

  • A gentle scrubbing brush may be used to clean hard to reach or stubborn areas.

  • Hollow parts of the devices may fill up and retain water e.g. the IR Platform legs. Ensure the devices are fully drained and dried before disinfection and use.

  • After rinsing, the product will need to be disinfected following the cleaning instructions listed below.

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