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If you are undertaking a trial, you will need to retain the original box you received your product in, the inner packaging and correctly re-box your product.

Ensure that all components of the product have been thoroughly cleaned and free of any contaminants before returning at the end of your trial period.

How to Use

Assemble the Face Pad Support onto the Adjustable Assembly

Remove the thumbscrew from the Adjustable Assembly, take the Face Pad Support and assemble them together placing the conical washer first followed by the thumbscrew.

Place the soft blue pad on top of the plastic face support and push until the 4 tips are inserted in the corresponding cavities. Make sure all components are safely assembled.

Set up the Base Board

Lift the mattress and slide the Base Board under until the protrusion on the underside contacts the end of the table and centralise.

Set up the leg Assembly

Take the Leg Assembly align with the Base Board recess. Tilt the leg slightly inward before pushing down in to recess in the Base Board, straighten up and push downward until it clips into place. 

Height adjustment

Turn the Locking Lever 90° to the right or left direction to unlock the Leg Assembly. Adjust to maximum or minimum height and lock it by rotating the Locking Lever 90° down to a vertical position.

Adjusting the angle of the Face Pad Support

Slightly release / untighten the Thumbscrew located on top of the Leg Assembly under the Face Pad Support and adjust the angle until the patient’s head is in a comfortable position.

Patient’s arms position

Place the patient’s arms on the arm supporting surface according to their level of mobility being careful not to staring the shoulder joint. Ensure they are placed with a safe clearance to the C-arm. Do not leave the patient’s hands hanging outside the edges or under the Baseboard.

Kyphotic Patient

To accommodate Kyphosis of the spine you will need to place pillows under the patient’s torso to elevate. Adjust the Leg Assembly height and Face Pad Support angle if necessary. For extreme cases you may need to remove Head support completely and use only pillows.

Removing the Base Board  

To remove the Base Board following a procedure, simply slide it out from underneath the mattress whilst holding the Leg Assembly. 


To disassemble the Face Pad Support from the Base Board, hold the Leg Assembly and push forward to release. Lift the Leg Assembly up to fully detach from the Face Pad Support. 

For ease of cleaning, the Face Pad can be removed from the Face Pad Support by removing the tips from the cavities. We recommend that the components from the Adjustable Assembly are not removed.