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Adducted Arm Scoop - Troubleshooting

Common Mistake


The bases have not been pushed in under the mattress far enough, causing instability and a lack of arm security.

Push the scoops in until they are flushed and snug against the patient’s arms.

Longer limbed patients may find their fingers extending past the edge of the scoops, endangering their fingers.

Aim to contain the length of the patient’s forearms, leaving at least a finger’s width between the tips of their fingers and the edge of the Arm Scoops.

Intravenous (IV) and intra arterial lines (IA) are trapped under the patient body, or mattress.

Ensure the lines are held above the patient where it is visible and away from the scoops, before inserting the scoop between the mattress and the table.

Directly placing the scoop against the patient's arms without any padding may result in some discomfort during the procedure. 

A soft arm pad or similar can be placed on the scoops before using on a patient.

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