Lower Leg Support

A complete, clinically engineered solution to assist with Peripheral Artery Disease Interventions.

The Lower Leg Support has been developed to gently immobilise the patient’s leg during Fluoroscopy guided treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia. Clinician led, the ergonomic design optimally positions the leg for procedural requirements desired during lower limb interventions.

Resting on top of the table mattress, it can be firmly secured with two Table Straps that simply wrap around the cantilevered table and mattress, ensuring device security. The Table Straps are equipped with side release buckles allowing quick release and tensioning. The Lower Leg Support is compatible with most common table models and can be used with C-Arm imaging systems.

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Fields you can use this device


Interventional Radiology

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Peripheral Intervention

Key Features

Lower Leg Support Side View.png
  • Leg Immobilisation

  • Pressure Management

  • Soft Straps