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IR Shield

Placing the Daggerboard

The daggerboard is placed underneath the patient, positioned to protect the clinician from the scatter radiation source. The ideal position will provide a triangle angle between the IR Shield placement, Extension Tray and clinician.

Placing the Daggerboard

Inserting the IR Shield in the Daggerboard

The IR Shield is inserted in the groove of the daggerboard. The shield is placed vertically down until it is sitting firmly in the groove.

Inserting the IR Shield in the Daggerboard

Moving the IR Shield

To move the IR shield, slide the shield along whilst it remains in the groove. Ensure that the shield is not moved too far off the daggerboard as uneven weight distribution will cause the shield to fall. 

Moving IR Shield

IR Shield Storage

To store the IR Shield:

  1. Remove the shield from the daggerboard by lifting it out of the groove.

  2. Lay the shield flat over the daggerboard surface.