How to Use - STARSupport


Unlocking the STARSupport

To unlock the STARSupport, pull out the blue lever.

This will allow you to freely adjust the height and angle of the arm support post.


Clipping the STARSupport onto the STARBoard

The STARSupport clips onto the STARBoard, offering quick and secure mounting and removal.


The STARSupport should be clipped close to the pivot point, near the daggerboard so that the blue cup is positioned on the patients upper arm (above the elbow).


Setting Up the STARBoard for the STARSupport

Once the STARSupport has been clipped onto the STARBoard, move the armrest in towards the patient and tighten the pivot screw. This will ensure that the STARSupport will not swing out away from the patient during the procedure.


STARSupport Placement Orientation

The STARSupport has a diagram on the soft blue cup to indicate the correct orientation it should be positioned in relation to the patient.  When placing the STARSupport, rotate the blue cup so the diagram follows the direction of the supine patient.


Positioning the STARSupport

Whilst the STARSupport is still unlocked, the joints will move freely and can be adjusted to suit both the patient and the clinician. 

Adjust the support so that the patient’s upper arm is supported by the blue cup. It should be positioned just above the patients elbow. The patient’s arm should be held as high as comfortably possible.


Locking the STARSupport Lever

Once adjustments have been made and the STARSupport is correctly positioned to support the patients left arm, close the lever to lock the STARSupport lever. 


Shoulder Joint Tightening

It is important to tighten the shoulder joint screw of the STARBoard once the STARSupport has been correctly positioned. This will ensure that that the STARBoard will not rotate away from the patient and the STARSupport will be securely supporting the patient’s left arm for the duration of the procedure. 


Arm Positioning

​The positioning of the patient’s arm is directed by the clinician’s preference. Some clinicians prefer the patient’s arm to be well across the abdomen. Others prefer to only raise it to just rest over the patient’s left femoral artery.


Positioning the patient's arm across the abdomen may be of preference to the clinician as they will not be reaching across the patient.


Detaching the STARSupport and Storage

To store the STARSupport

  1. Ensure the device is detached from the STARBoard.

    • To detach the STARSupport, unlock the device by pulling out the blue lever so that it is free to move.

  2. Remove the support from the Slider Arm by unclipping the longer bracket first. This will make the STARSupport loose.

  3. Follow with lifting the shorter bracket from the sliding arm to completely remove the support.