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Overhead Arm Support

Now MR safe, the Adept Medical Overhead Arm Support is the ideal solution for patient positioning and management during Magnetic Resonance, C-Arm and CT imaging. 

Designed to comfortably support the supine patient’s arms, it eliminates extreme shoulder flexion, allows abdominal access and removes unwanted artefacts when imaging. This versatile device will support one or both arms in the supine position and a single arm when used with the posterior oblique position.

The Overhead Arm Support provides ease of use for the operator and facilitates patient comfort and procedural repeatability. 

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Fields you can use this device


Interventional Radiology

Key Features

C Arm.png
  • Supports the patient’s arm to allow abdominal access while removing artefacts from the imaging site.


  • The Overhead Arm Support has been designed for use with existing lab and imaging equipment and fits within the bore of a 70cm CT and MRI centre and can be used with any C-Arm imaging centre.



  • Overhead Arm Support with an AM2000 Product Code contains an inner metal spring and IS NOT MRI compatible. 

  • Overhead Arm Support with an AM4000 product code has passed MRI compatibility testing and is safe to use as a patient support in an MR imaging centre with a bore size 70cm and upward.

  • Ensure all MRI safety checks have been conducted prior to use.