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STARTable Placement

The shield should be approximately positioned to align with the patients elbow. Some adjustment will be required to find the optimum position of the shield between the clinician and the radiation source.

Push the STARTable daggerboard underneath the mattress at base of the shield. This will ensure ease of placement and no requirement for using excessive force.

STARTable Placement

Attaching the STARTable shelf to the STARTable shield

This is easily done by slotting the shelf straight down over the blue spigots. Align the slots on the shelf with the blue spigots and slide down.

Attaching the STARTable shelf to the STARTable shield

Sliding the STARTable Shelf

The shelf can be moved along the shield by sliding it across. This allows the clinician to fine tune the position of the work surface relative to the STARBoard (or wrist) whilst maintaining the optimum position of the shield between them and the radiation source. It may be necessary to adjust the position of the shield slightly at this point also.

The shelf can then be adjusted after the sterile drape is applied should further adjustment be required.

Sliding the STARTable Shelf
STARTable Removal and Storage

STARTable Removal

Ensure that the STARTable has been removed from the imaging table and correctly stored before the patient is moved off the table. This will ensure STARTable does not restrict patient movement and prevent possible STARTable damage.

STARTable Storage

To store the STARTable:

  1. Turn the STARTable so it is resting it on the spigots. This ensures even weight distribution of the device and safe storage of the product.

  2. Place the Shelf onto the upside of the spigot surface, so it is contained.