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Clinician Arm Support

The Adept Medical Clinician Arm Support offers an optimal solution for supporting the clinician’s arm during surgeries where endoscopic technology is utilised.

The support allows the clinician to manipulate the endoscope freely with low friction movement, providing a level of manoeuvrability. The Arm Rest comfortably supports the clinician’s arm, offering an ergonomic solution to reduce strain and fatigue over the duration of a procedure.

The Clinician Arm Support is stable, height and angular adjustable, and can be tuned to suit individual preferences. The pivoting arms allow the forearm support to be locked rigid or left free to suit clinician and procedural requirements.

With a quick and easy set-up, the Base Board placement allows for the support to be placed at any convenient position on the operating table, offering suitability for a range of endoscopic procedures. The cantilevered design frees up floorspace in the working environment, allowing clinicians to move easily.


Product Information

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