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If you are undertaking a trial, you will need to retain the original box you received your product in, the inner packaging and correctly re-box your product.

Ensure that all components of the product have been thoroughly cleaned and free of any contaminants before returning at the end of your trial period.

How to Use

Attaching the Legs onto the Platform

Screw the legs onto the four threaded recesses located on the underside of the platform in a clockwise motion and twist firmly to ensure they are secure.


Attaching the Optional Leg Extensions

The optional Leg Extensions can be used on the operator side of the platform, if required, for an extra 100 mm of height.

To attach the Leg Extension onto the Leg Assembly, screw the open-ended side of the blue Leg Extension on the threaded end of the Leg Assembly.

Twist in a clockwise motion until it is tight and secure.

Once this is complete, proceed to assemble the Antegrade IR Platform leg with the Leg Extension into the two threaded recesses located on the underside of the platform in a clockwise motion. Twist firmly to ensure they are secure. 

The Leg Extensions are used only on the operator side to accommodate the height difference of the mattress.


Inserting the Bases Underneath the Mattress

Insert the two Bases underneath the operator side of the mattress, approximately 930mm apart. 

One Base should be placed underneath the patient’s shoulders and neck. The second Base should be placed higher up the mattress, above the patient’s head. 


Attaching the Platform to the Bases

Lift the Main Platform up onto the mattress, aligning the Leg Assemblies on the left-hand side of the Main Platform into the recesses in the Bases. Once the Main Platform is correctly positioned, secure the Platform by pushing the locking clip in on each base. 

The two Leg Assemblies on the back side of the Main Platform will sit on top of the mattress.


Adjusting the Platform Surface Height 

To adjust the height of the platform, twist the blue collar anti-clockwise to unlock the leg. Push down on the platform to lower the height, so it sits just above the patient’s shoulder. 

If you require the platform to be higher, reduce the force pushing down on the platform surface whilst the legs are unlocked. This will allow for the leg height to increase lifted upward by the springs. 

Once the platform is at the preferred height, twist the blue collar firmly clockwise to lock the leg.  This will allow the leg and table to stay fixed for the remainder of the procedure.


Adjusting the Platform Lateral Position 

If you require the platform to be closer or further away from the patient for optimum placement, slide the full Antegrade IR Platform closer to the patient.

The ideal placement is usually where the table is aligned to the patient’s forehead and the narrow area is over the patient’s shoulder.  


Left or Right Leg Access

The Antegrade IR Platform is designed to work on both the Left or Right leg of the patient. This is done so with the clinical operator stood to patients left side. Wires will easily transition across the patients pelvic region and in to leg being accessed.