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Antegrade IR Platform - Troubleshooting

Common Mistake


The Bases are not correctly positioned under the mattress, causing the table to be incorrectly aligned to the patient and femoral access site.

The two Bases should be inserted underneath the left hand-side of the mattress, approximately 930mm apart. 

One Base should be placed underneath the patient’s shoulders and neck. The second Base should be placed higher up the mattress, above the patient’s head. 

The Legs are not correctly aligned within the recesses, causing the legs to not be locked in place during the procedure.

Ensure the legs are placed fully within the recesses. Push the blue locking clip in until it is engaged and the leg is secure.

The Main Platform is uneven or not correctly positioned towards the femoral access site, causing equipment to not sit evenly on the platform surface and unalignment towards the access site.

Ensure that the Antegrade IR Platform is planarly positioned towards the femoral access site by adjusting the legs to create a level work surface. If you require the platform to be closer or further away from the patient for optimum placement, slide the assembled Antegrade IR Platform to the correct position. The ideal placement is usually where the table is aligned to the patient’s forehead and the narrow area is over the patient’s shoulder.

The blue Locking Collars are not twisted tight, resulting in movement of the platform height during the procedure.

After adjusting the platform height, twist the blue collar clockwise firmly to lock the leg.  This will allow the legs and platform to stay fixed for the remainder of the procedure.

A patient is restless during the procedure, increasing the chance of the patient reaching out and disrupting the femoral access site.

Using the ArmSure in conjunction with the Antegrade IR Platform ensures that patient is secure, preventing them from reaching out and disrupting the femoral access site.

The Drape is unsupported when positioned over the patient’s face, causing discomfort.

Using the Drape Support in the cut away area of the Antegrade IR Platform creates a spacious environment underneath the drape, increasing patient comfort.

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