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Clinician Arm Support - Troubleshooting

Common Mistake


The Base Board has not been pushed underneath the mattress completely, causing product instability.

To ensure product security throughout the procedure, push the Base Board underneath the mattress until it stops at protrusion on underside.

The Lever has not been completely pressed down, causing unwanted movement in the connection between the Base Board and the Assembly Tube, resulting in an unstable Arm Support.

Ensure the Lever  is completely pressed down, and give the Tube Assembly a solid wiggle to check it has been secured.

The bearing sleeve from the Tube Assembly has been left inside the Forearm Assembly after disassembly. It is then easily lost.

When disassembling the product, it is best to check that the Tube Assembly has all 4 parts – 1x Thumbscrew, 1x Top Cap Washer, 1x Bearing Sleeve and 1x Tube.

The Thumbscrews have been left too loose on the Upper and Lower arms causing the Forearm Assembly to move too much.

Tighten the Thumbscrews to your preference to ensure the Arm Support has enough friction for your intended needs.

The Base Board has been connected to the Tube Assembly upside down.

When inserting the Tube Assembly in to Base Board, ensure that the Base Board is the correct way up. The Adept Medical logo should be facing upward.

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