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Head Immobiliser - Troubleshooting

Common Mistake


The Hood Assembly is loose, and the patient’s head isn’t firmly in place.

Keep pushing the Hood Assembly until it clicks into place. 

Vacuum has been applied, but the hood isn’t holding the patient’s head in place, and the patient is able to wiggle their head around.

Start by ensuring the valve is open. Then evenly redistribute the beads in the hood by working the beads up from the base where they have pooled, and up through each lobe. Pinch the tops of each lobe to ensure it is filled with beads and no air pockets remain.


Use both hands to wrap the sides of the hood firmly against the patient's head. Ensure the entire inner hood surface is in full contact with the patient's head before evacuating the hood for 10 seconds. Close the valve. 

Note: Vacuum pressure is based on standard hospital pressure. If the hood still feels soft after 10 seconds, evacuate for another 2-5 seconds at your own discretion.

The patient is unable to hear instructions from the clinician.

Ensure their ears are aligned between the gaps.

The patient's ears won't align with the gaps between the hood.

Ensure the patient's head is positioned far enough down the hood. Adjust accordingly so the ears align with the gap. 

The suction tube won’t come off.

If pulling doesn't work, consider bending the suction tube back to release.

The neck flexion position is causing some pain in the patient's neck.

If the more extreme angulation of the neck results in unwanted straining, consider placing a towel under the patient's neck for added support.

The blue Hood film gets caught in between the Hood Assembly and the Hood Support.

Before sliding into place, scoop the blue hood film from the bottom with both hands, ensuring all sides of the hood is lifted away from the Hood Assembly and Hood Support.

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