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Product Maintenance

Product maintenance is important to the on-going function of the Adept Medical Table Accessory range. On the occasion that parts need replacing, please find detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process, as well as acceptance criteria to follow for assurance of correct product assembly and on-going product usage.

Head Immobiliser - Replacement Parts


Adjustable Assembly M8300

Hood Support M8200

Base Board M8100

Head Immobiliser - Replacement Parts Instructions

Disassembling the Adjustable Assembly from the Base Board


To disassemble, unscrew the small screw inside the lever using a 10mm Flat Head screwdriver. Once this is taken out, all 6 components of the Adjustable Assembly should separate easily, away from the Base Board.



Follow the diagram and insert the 6 components of the Adjustable Assembly in the correct order as shown, in amongst the Hood Support and the Base Board. Once pieced together, insert the small screw through the hole in the lever, and tighten gently with a 10mm Flat Head screwdriver until the screw head is level.


Stop immediately when level and do not tighten further as this could cause the Adjustable Assembly to break.

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