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Product Maintenance

Product maintenance is important to the on-going function of the Adept Medical Table Accessory range. On the occasion that parts need replacing, please find detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process, as well as acceptance criteria to follow for assurance of correct product assembly and on-going product usage.

STARBoard - Replacement Parts

STARBoard A.jpg

Daggerboard M3001

Slider Arm M3051

Conical Bearing M3021

Conical Washer M3020

Thumbscrew M3026

STARBoard B.jpg

Armrest M3003

Slider Arm M3051

Plastic Slider M3332

Washer Arm Rest M3331

Hex Bolt M5108

STARBoard C.jpg

Wrist Pivot M3052

Thumbscrew Wrist Pivot M3025

Wrist Pivot Cone M3094

STARBoard D.jpg

Handle M3072

Hex Bolt M5108

STARBoard - Replacement Parts Instructions

Disconnecting the Slider Arm from the Daggerboard


To disconnect the Slider Arm (M3051) from the Daggerboard (M3001).

  • Turn the device upside down.

  • Undo the Thumbscrew (M3026).

  • Take out the Conical Bearing (M3021).

  • Remove the Daggerboard (M3001) from the Slider Arm (M3051) and there will be a Conical Washer (M3020).



To reassemble:

  • Take your Conical Bearing (M3021) in the inside of the Daggerboard (M3001) so it is sitting flush and place the Daggerboard (M3001) onto the Slider Arm (M3051).

  • Place the Conical Washer (M3020), and use the Thumbscrew (M3026) to hold and tighten the joint. This should be tightened just enough for free swivelling. If needed it can be adjusted during a procedure to lock or ease rotation.

Removing the Armrest Assembly from the Slider Arm

Tools required

  • Flathead screwdriver (or similar tool)

  • 18mm Socket with driver



  • To remove the Armrest (M3003) from the Slider Arm (M3051), take a flat head screwdriver, or a similar tool that allows you to get under the part and prise it over the restricting edge.

  • Disengage the Plastic Slider (M3332) and the Armrest (M3003) will simply slide off.

  • Inside you have a Hex Bolt (M5108). To remove this, take your socket and unscrew the bolt. Inside there is a Washer Arm Rest (M3331).



  • To put it back together, take the Plastic Slider (M3332) and the Washer Arm Rest (M3331). This has a square side which will fit into the Armrest (M3003) square location. Press it in.

  • Take your Hex Bolt (M5108), engage the thread and use your socket to reassemble.

  • The Plastic slider (M3332) should rotate freely but have no slop. Adjust the bolt to obtain this fit.

  • To put the Slider Arm (M3051) back on, ensure the indent on the base of the Plastic Slider is furthest from the end of the Slider Arm. Slide together until the indent has locked onto the Slider Arm.  

Removing the Wrist Pivot from the Armrest


To remove the wrist pivot from the Armrest

  • Turn the Thumbscrew Wrist Pivot (M3025) anti-clockwise to disengage the Wrist Pivot Cone (M3094). Repeat the same on the other side.

  • To remove the wrist pivot from the Armrest, pull the Wrist Pivot (M3052) swivel joints apart and remove.



To reassemble

  • Stretch the two sides of the Wrist Pivot (M3052) and bring them over the Armrest bosses.

  • Take the Wrist Pivot Cone (M3094) and insert, making the sure that the slot engages and sits flush.

  • Insert the Thumbscrew Wrist Pivot (M3025) and ensure this is tightened so the washer sits flat. It can then be adjusted for how much friction you would like when performing a procedure.

  • Repeat on the other side.